Your Beauty Routine

beauty routine

“At the core of every human being is a profound need to have value,” says Dr. Fleming. Beauty is value.  Beauty is defined “the qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind.” Beauty matters – we judge the book by its cover and people by their looks. Beauty is timeless – a relief in the tomb of the Egyptian Ptahhotep shows the nobleman getting a pedicure. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used milk and honey to cleanse her skin and made masks of egg yolks and butter. How do we contemporary women take care of this most visible organ of our bodies – the skin?

–    Twice daily you wash your face

–    You remove makeup every night

–    You apply moisturizer after cleansing

–    You drink tons of water

–    You sleep 8 hours

–    You wear sun protection

A smoothie with your breakfast can be a great way to get your daily doses of vitamins A, C, E and K to maintain your skin well. It also gives an energy boost to your entire body. Our bodies have their ability to preserve and improve our looks. We all strive for lasting beauty and the holistic way to treat our skin, hair and body presents a wholesome approach to nutrition, wellness, beauty, and health. Beauty products are like the foods we eat. There are nutrient-rich lotions and potions and “fast-food” solutions, which you can find in any pharmacy. To choose cosmetic products that are effective yet harmless is not an easy task.

Beauty is about feeling great about yourself, not killing yourself trying to look cute. You are a spiritual being, having a physical experience. That internal light called spirit is the most important aspect of your beauty. The rest is making efforts to maintain your health and to feel attractive.

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