The Truth About Beauty

truth about beauty

Is beauty only proportion, health, and color? In that case, we can promise everything – for we at JoyZona select the perfect products to maintain the appearance of a Greek Goddess. But no, all experts, all artists will say that beauty comes from within, that it is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty equals attractiveness and appeal, and those two are deeply rooted in self-esteem. In order to have a decent self-esteem, any beauty from any generation has to invest a lot of time and efforts in her appearance. Investing in proportion, health and color give to the soul a body she can trust in. It’s the only way to improve your connection with your body – which is essential to beauty.But more essential is having a good connection with your inner being – that brings a smile to your face, and smiles are perfectly and immensely beautiful.

The application of cosmetics on your body, face and hair will make you feel pretty, nurtured and cared for, and that makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about Self – your eyes shine in a special way, your skin glows, even your garments feel pleasant to the touch. You delight in your perfume, you rub lips colored with lipstick, and there is this amazing girl in the mirror, who just discovered how insanely beautiful and attractive she is.

On the other hand – you can buy the best beauty products, but if you do not feel great about yourself – it shows! You feel inconvenient when you communicate, you constantly discover flaws in yourself –like that your belly is too round, or you have a pimple like a second nose. Don’t give up on yourself, don’t compromise – you are all you’ve got.

At JoyZona we strive to make you love yourself, make love to yourself in the mirror, and give birth to an entirely new and very positive self, your inner Goddess. Facts are that Hollywood stars are so beautiful because they strongly believe they are attractive – and whole teams of people – designers, makeup artists, fitness coaches work on a daily basis to sustain this belief. We will be doing the same for you!

The naked truth:

We do not promise miracles. We will not create a neat and stiff lie that you will turn into perfection overnight if you trust us and buy from us. But the certain thing is that you will be joyful and loving to yourself – and that’s a change, which happens slowly, methodically, but absolutely irreversibly. You feel pretty when you are loved – and until you learn to love yourself, you will never, ever be truly loved by anybody else. The application of cosmetics is not obligatory – it is optional: in case you want to experience your entire beauty potential. JoyZona is here in case you want to optimize the way people accept you when they first meet you and you want to feel very positive and self-confident about your looks. JoyZona is not a marketplace, but a place of inspiration.

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