Too Sexy For Your Love


Women should know that in reality, they are sexy, smart and strong. Most of their limitations are the ones they have decided on. A well-maintained woman possesses enough femininity to enchant everyone from the chimney sweeper to Caesar. There are some natural female secrets, which boosts male sexuality. Some very important things:


Touchable, tender and fresh, delicate skin is an aphrodisiac not only for men. The woman who possesses such skin is most desired because of her self-confidence and sensuality. The skin you take care of is much more reactive to physical sensations. Women with such skin practically have erogenous zones everywhere. Cleopatra used to be a dusk and not very beautiful woman, but she bathed in donkey milk every day, and her skin was supreme to the touch.


Sleek and soft, tender and vital, amazing to the touch  – hair is every woman’s natural adornment. When a woman wants to change herself – she always starts with the hair. And when the lover, and when the wind plays with her hair, touching her tips, or tenderly stroking her head, she feels delighted beyond description. Take her to the bathroom, apply all sorts of lotion on her hair and rub, and enjoy the reaction.


A real woman needs only a smile to be pretty. You should always say smiling women they are pretty: irrespectively of their age, it will give them that shine in their eyes that makes for a real beauty. Most men love to make love in the daylight since vision is one of their very strong sensual stimulants. There is nothing more enchanting than a woman laughing slightly at lovemaking. There is nothing more appealing than a frank smile and those magic words: “I love you, please, I want you,  take me now.”

Hips and Breasts

They are the heavy artillery of every woman and the object of raw desire of every man. A man builds his excitement by foreplay with these favorite body parts. They are the toys of the grown-up male. Most men admit, that the curviest the woman, the better sensation they have groping at her supple forms. Women you do not want to lose weight there.  But you do want to try some belly dancing – it will put your man in the mood immediately.


To the healthy physical activity, you can add some spicing of your love life. Draw “I love you” upon his back with creamy chocolate and then lick it clean. Do things that make him sweat, take the initiative and push him against the wall. Kiss in the rain, but kiss until you get soaked and mad with desire. Dress like a sexy witch and ask him to remove your black garter with teeth. Tell him you are his and you will do as he pleases and submit to him. You have been an absolutely good girl the entire year – and you can expect earrings for a present, for gifts are the natural aphrodisiac for women.


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