Of The Virtues Of Tea


It is very peculiar, this domination of our digestion over our intellect. The mind can’t work or think unless our bellies allow to. Eating dictates our emotions and passions. After bacon and eggs, it commands: “Work!” After steak and wine, it says: “Go to sleep!” While after a cup of tea it delivers to the mind:  “Now get up and show your power. Be fair-spoken and profound, and loving, pervade with your clear gaze into Nature an life, spread your beautiful wings of the flickering thought, and meander, a divine spirit, over the world spinning below you, through long paths of shining stars to the gateway of eternity!

It is truly the world’s most celebrated beverage, as well as one of the most ancient. Life greatest pleasures are in simple things. It is celebrated for being able to calm the nerves and inspire the mind.

Once there was a divine farmer called Shen Nong, who first sipped warm water during meditation underneath a tea plant when one leaf fell in his water and this is how tea was invented.

When we take a cup of tea and we concentrate on it –the instant becomes real and true, we become real an true. It is thought to be a diving herb – it allegedly purifies the spirit of the one who is drinking it, it is necessary for the daily life. Our thirst for tea is not very far from our yearning for beauty. Tea to the English people is like a picnic outdoors.

How did English high tea come into existence?

First, there was afternoon tea, served between 2 and 5 PM, also familiar as Low Tea. It’s a formal, low tea table with pastries and it was a ladies’ social occasion. It is served with eggs and smoked salmon, lemon slices, cream and milk, cheeses, sandwiches, sugar cubes, marmalade, and jam.

High tea is according to tradition, a working-class beverage served on a high table between 5 and 7 PM. It is served with cakes, tarts, pie, cold meats, bread and butter, Belgian chocolates, sandwiches with cucumbers, mustard and ham, French fancies, sugar, and cream.

Tasting tea is different from drinking. The latter is done because of thirst. If you have a musical family, they teach you from a very early age to experience music in a very intimate way and to appreciate all its aspects. Drinking is what you do when you listen to background music or TV commercials, while you are having your beverage. Tasting, however, can be compared to going to a symphony presentation, where music is the major event. You anticipate the beginning of the cup of tea, then you listen intently to what tea has to perform in front of your senses.

There are health-related aspects of tea-tasting, for tea is a potent brew. Ginger tea knocks out a headache, Black tea freshens breath, Nettle tea stops allergies, Passion Flower tea cures the jitters, Green tea curbs 3 PM cravings. Sip your way to a happier, healthier you with your favorite tea!


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