The Sunset Candle

sunset candle

Right before sunset, while bathing in a sunflower, Candlesy came upon a yellow-magenta-white wish.

“Do you dream of a daffodil, or the sunshine, or gold?” – she implored the wish. It opened its petals and scented sweetly of dandelion.

“The dandelion is intelligent” – Candlesy smiled. – “So your creator wants to be smart.”

And Candlesy sat in the darkness of the forest and waved her magic wand to make the Sunset candle.

“I will put a little yellow here, Sunset Candle, for hope, happiness, cheerfulness, and fun…”

The woman the candle was intended for smiled in her dream. She wished so much to be smart, but her eyesight was impaired and she couldn’t read for a long time, and she had no money for glasses.

“Yellow is the most intensively visible of colors. More yellow for creativity…Now you will be able to rhyme. – I will adorn the Sunset candle with the color of magenta, which will make you witty, passionate and compassionate…You will be the best learner in the world.”

The old elf postman who was eavesdropping Candlesy hissed from the bush.

“Instead of making candles for me, she deals with those humans.”

The candle was made and the woman started dreaming. In reality, she worked in a big company, but no one cared about her opinion because people thought she wasn’t very smart. She wasn’t stupid but she felt shy to express her opinion. People didn’t even notice her existence.  Now to change that mindset Candlesy made her dream that she works in the most elite company and everybody wanted to know what she had to say, because she had an owl on her shoulder and she really looked wise.

Then the old elf postman sent to her a letter in her dream.

“You will be as dumb, as dumb can be. Unless you can get me Candlesy.”

“Who is Candlesy?” – the woman implored.

Candlesy placed herself upon the elf’s note.
“I am Candlesy, and I am making you smart. Don’t pay attention to this old rascal.”

“You are so pretty!”

“Well, I am the fairy of candles!”

The old elf postman appeared:

“Tell her you do not want to become smart. That will cost you thousands of dollars!”

“That’s not true!” – Candlesy said and her attire became yellow-black like a wasp. – The Sunset Candle just costs XX dollars.

“Who should I listen to?” – asked the girl looking at the angry fairy and the smirking elf.

Then Candlesy took out the Sunset Candle from her pocket.

The sun was shining, bathing in the sea, and all the sunflowers in the world sung, cheerful hummingbirds drank nectar from daffodils and the woman sunk into the yellow-magenta-white candle’s flame, which brought her magic to life, and with eyes healed, she woke up. Now she could be as smart as she wanted. She heard Candlesy whisper: “Don’t forget the colors of the candle. The Sunset Candle: Yellow-Magenta-White

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