How Can I Use Social Media To Promote My Business

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The small businesses of today live in exciting marketing times – with most impressive communication tools – the social media sites. They are part of our lives more than ever before – being the best entertainment and information options for the contemporary Internet humanity. If you want to get to the heart of social media marketing, you need to coin a strategy, how to expertly grow your business, by properly applying the possibilities of social media.

Social media marketing is something you can do in your pajamas on a Saturday morning while having your coffee with muffins.  It’s an intimate experience, so much that you begin to wonder are your personal details really safe online? Can you disclose sensitive information on social media sites? Yes, the vast majority of social media sites allow you to control who sees your details. However,  people do love to share their selfies and their thoughts – and they most openly love, like, hate, and adore, and spit venom, and bitch about everything.

Social media are all about sharing. When we care we share – and people like to share things, which make them laugh heartily, make them angry or sad, or totally in awe – things which make them emotional. The marketing strategy is to awaken the emotional response in your contacts, by serving them snippets about your business life and its wonderful virtues, like a fountain of beautiful impressions.

If you have a wedding catering service you can post in Facebook things such as wedding photos, of cakes, of edible gift ideas  for the guests, of the bouquet and the garter, of something borrowed and something blue, a link to the blog of the bride and groom, a link to the blog of the wedding photographer: practically anything that stirs your readers emotionally and makes them want to have a glorious wedding of their own. You want to give your customers visual evidence, that you can support them at every stage of the wedding event, you want to inspire them, you want to make them crave for your service.

Let’s discuss the marketing strategy of a book promotion in the wide world of social media. There is your book and there is a whole world out there, which needs to find about your book  – this connected world. So go online,  say hello, and say other things, be hungry, be foolish…Marketing anything is all about blowing your horn and talking about your worlds, words, and works. The fantastic social media options help you establish a connection between you, your audience and your work.

But how? How to promote your business?

“Do you take me, as your lawful Facebook Friend? To have and to write to in sick or in healthy internet connection, in day or night, until dreams do us part?”

Nowadays, Facebook is the King of Social Media – a true force of nature, which people hate and love, and regularly use. Even families communicate online more than they do in real life, for good or ill, the social media is a huge part of our lives, the desired escapade, an indulgement, an obsession.

What is it that makes Facebook so appealing? It’s a website, where one can upload photos and share thoughts and receive comments and send private messages to others online. You can always adorn your thoughts with a picture, and your friends will express their true friendship by liking your post.  Imagine you had to do this in real life, like going down the street and telling the passers-by what have you eaten, how does that make you feel, what have you done yesterday, what are your plans for tomorrow evening. You begin disclosing pictures of your family, your cat and yourself in the garden, you may also eavesdrop on their conversations and tell them you like them so much…soon you will be certified. In Facebook, you can do all this and still pass as normal, and even have an audience.

But what can it do for writers? Start a group or a page to promote your blog. Groups are communities built around a certain cause like cancer survivors, fans of fantasy, or a recurring special event. It’s a wonderful way to build an active, enthusiastic community around your business, in our case – your blog or book. Pages are another way to build connections, but this time – you and your chosen moderators are in control of all the publications. The exchange currency of Facebook are the Likes – there can never be enough of them. The more likes you get, the more people have appreciated your marketing efforts. Your goal is to become a powerful, social media influencer.  Find the people who want to play with you, help them to see your business’s worth,  be genuine and nice, and soon success will knock on your door as well.





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