Green Magic, Herbal Lore and Spirituality

green magic

“Sorcery! We are all sorcerers, and live in

a wonderland of marvel and beauty

if we did but know it”

Charles Godfrey Leland

The green magic of herbs is a popular topic among spiritual folks. They have reverence for the natural world and they believe that all of life is a magical experience. The craft of herb gatherers usually employs the energies within the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and combines them with the personal power of the practitioner, and the magical power of plants to accomplish a magickal goal.

Plants are intertwined with all cultures, magick and earth religions. It’s  a true mission to discover the wonders that the natural world can offer us. Folks believe that herbs are faerie flowers, and if you make an unselfish wish, when you spot the first bluebells of the spring, the fairies are certain to grant your request.

All herbs and flowers have astrological correspondences – which means they are ruled by a planet from the Solar System, and that gives them great virtues. Plants also have corresponding deities – for example, the God of Apple Trees, the Goddess of  Forest and Rivers, the God of Agriculture,  of Fertility,  a Goddess of Herbal Lore. You can explore the magical uses of herbs and in the rich herbal grimoires, of olden days, or ask your grandma.

We at JoyZona have all the necessary green magician concoctions mixed up – for your health and cosmetic needs, for your tea delight and tradition.

Let’s explore for instance the Hibiscus, which is one of the most popular ingredients of our favorite tea mixtures. Hibiscus is said by the magickal gardener to attract love and lust, divination and dreams. Elder is said to be strongly connected to the Great Goddess and a druid, a sacred tree, often a refuge for fairies, and other woodland folks. It has powers to protect, manifest wishes and help induce sleep. Mint promotes energy, communication, and vitality. It can be used for protection and prosperity. Jasmine’s wonderful properties are that it gives prophetic dreams, summons love, relaxation, helps with aura healing, brings in money and psychic protection and confidence, it’s element is water, it’s planet is the Moon, and it is also an aphrodisiac.

Imagine some jasmine leaves swimming every morning in your pot of tea, ready to kiss your sleepy lover’s lips. Imagine the lovely smell of lavender in your lover’s hair, after she has applied a lotion to it. Plants are essential in the love magick as well, they are naturally good for our bodies. Besides the tea made from herbs and other plants are not only beneficial for every aspect of our lives, they are delicious, they are enchanting, they are irresistible. Our infusions will cause you to be extremely merry and most happy, they compel inspiration, they cure and prevent illnesses, they are used in love spells, and most importantly of all – they are selected for you and presented to you with love and appreciation of their wonderful virtues, for your enjoyment.

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