So Fresh and So Clean


Do you feel like your apartment needs therapy? One of the most desired conditions for human comfort is freshness. Fresh means full of vigor and energy, bright, smelling right. When you want to refresh your property and give yourself a true restart from the daily chores – you call us, the specialists at EF Cleaning Services.

We come with our weapons: rubber gloves, paper towel, vacuum cleaner, sponge, bucket, dustpan, broom, spray cleaner, garbage can. Armed like this we make a fast revolution of your lifestyle. Freshness! Come in!

We will make your bed, and change your linens, and sort out your pillows. So everything will miraculously fall into place. After all your apartment is your source of inspiration and creative expression. But what keeps it from being fresh? Well, dirt does! Luckily we at EF Cleaning Services can’t sleep before we turn it back into the fresh and lovely heaven it is meant to be.

We will remove everything that is so disgusting you dare not even touch it.  We will open the windows widely and invite fresh air. Our cleaning products smell nice.

We will save you from your least favorite family activity: washing, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, taking out the garbage and that’s not all. Call EF Cleaning Services.

Your apartment is going to exude freshness and the lovely scent of clean. Your home will be sparkling with cleanliness and godliness. The EF Cleaning Services effect on our customers: Suddenly you realize you are alive and thriving. You shine all day as if you have eaten glitter for breakfast. It’s just so nice, so fresh, so clean…We touch your home with reverence and you will like it after it has been visited by EF Cleaning Services.

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