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Pun rhymes so well with fun. A pun –synonymous with a joke – means playing with the sound of words. Puns add so much flavor even to Shakespeare’s writing. Puns can make you laugh, and think, and surprise you like in Alice in Wonderland’s: “We called him Tortoise because he taught us,” said the Turtle, “really you are very dull!”

You can use the domain for a humor website, for a fun forum or a social network with fun people. Buy – it’s the place online, where you can have so much pun!

Well, that’s the innocent interpretation of the domain.  PunMe could also be abbreviated from “punish me” and we are entering a soft domination-and-submission scene. That’s a place online which gathers together people, who have a lot of fun spanking someone with a wooden spoon. Buy and launch the kinkiest place online.

Suggested Key Words: fun, joke, punish, soft, erotica, humor, sex

It’s a four-lettered domain, and because of its brevity, four is the lucky number for kick starters.

NVQG abbreviation stands for Ngui Vit Quc Gia – which means “The Vietnam National” or “The Vietnam Family.” It’s the perfect domain for a daily newspaper in the Vietnamese language. It can also present the Vietnamese culture to the world. Only in Vietnam, this domain can attract an audience of 90 million inhabitants. It can be used for a charity raising website or even – a website in support of providing computer literacy and equipment for the region. It can be used to present Vietnam’s thrilling nature to the world – the lovely blueness of the landscape and young Vietnamese girls wearing the traditional straw hats.  This domain can promote local production, which is flourishing since the Vietnamese people lives close to nature. For inspired photographers, this domain can present your photo shoot of Vietnam’s inhabitants: merry and bright, always wearing hats and always smiling.

Whenever there is mention of bed, one associates immediately with that most pleasant function of our body – napping. Once you have had a bite, you should nap, and after your nap, you should immediately have a bite. But is something else – something like to “make a wager in bed” – one is immediately forced to think that it’s about playing mind games in bed with your important other until you both get to agree on something. “Bet” originates from Old English baetan which means “make better, arouse, stimulate”: things that are better done in bed. I bet you will spend more time in bed after purchasing this domain. Bet also means –  a way of action and behavior. BET can also serve as an acronym for Big Every Time and in this case, BET-at-bed is really something to look up to and feel lucky about.  The domain can be used for all sorts of entertainment practices that are done in horizontal positions.

It’s obviously a place for idle Bulgarians, who work on themselves and have coffee with honey. Or take part in the honey production. It’s where teenagers gather to drone away their youth. DroneBulgaria: a web experience of complete idleness, but without all that tension. Dedicated to young people who are at a loose end and love jokes, music, and spending quality time with the computer, building virtual stuff and dealing with virtual agriculture such as Farmville.  Drone comes  from Old English dran “male honeybee” and DroneBulgaria would be the male counterpart for BumbleBeeBulgaria. A drone is something like a fanatic who follows an ideology with blindness and without criticism. It also means someone who is stoned on weed.  DroneBulgaria could be the gathering point of young pot smokers – a social website that gathers together like-minded people with psychedelic inclinations.

If you are not the kind of people who meddle into people’s business, but you knit socks near the window and look at the local scene, how your neighbor’s lady sways and bends, and goes directly to the private home of the doctor, then this domain is for you. It’s for the Bulgarian gossip girls and guys. The Intrigant has no compassion on your poor nerves. He or she will spit vomit on you behind your back. Intrigant means plotter and scoffer in Bulgarian. The Balkan people are warm and friendly, and nosy and popular for their gossip inclinations.

But what could the rumor be? A yellow magazine will benefit a lot from such domain – it can talk scandal about all Bulgarian celebrities.  It’s a place of tales about the stars such as the make up artist of the Bulgarian prima singer Lili Ivanova is the biggest plotter there is. Rumor has it, that will be one the most popular gossip places on the web.

It is perfect for advertising companies or distributors of tablets of a popular trademark. It’s incredible luck to own a “brand” containing domain. You can launch a legendary brand on this domain. All tablets are not created equal. “Tablet” used to mean “flat surface for an inscription” in the past – so BrandTablet could be a place where all cult brands join together for a mission, or just to represent their business in a highly competitive environment. They leave their mark in a much similar way like celebrities do on the Walk of Fame, which is a tourist destination that has reported 10 million visitors in 2003. Imagine the attention can attract if every cult brand on Earth is presented on the website! “Brand” also comes from the Old English of fire, torch, and sword and it is similar to “burn.” So two weapons – the sword and the nib are joined together in this domain, for both power and glory.

Travelagi is obviously all about travel, cruises, destinations. It can be an abbreviation of Travel agile  – which is the preferred way of traveling. In this case, it could be very appropriate for a Travel Agency selling airplane tickets – for the fastest way of traveling is by air. “Travel” used to mean “to toil, labor”-  akin to the contemporary travail. When we come to think of it, traveling is strenuous, spiritual work: moving the entire time, gaining insights of another culture, spending money, taking pictures, telling about it, enjoying it thoroughly. A lot of things please the soul, but traveling pleases it well. AGI can also mean Association for Geographic Information – which turns the domain into the perfect choice for such an institution. Agi can be abridged from agitation – the excitement of travel, the anxiety, the planning – perfect for a company which benefits from organizing trips.

“I am as gay as a daffodil, dear!” Freddie Mercury once remarked. In a short social survey about the most searched words in Bulgarian portals, it turned out that the most popular keywords in demand are: porn, fuck, sex and only just on the tenth place – Azis.  How about a domain which combines all these requests?  It could be sexually explicit, it could be a romantic social website, it could be the title of a gay association, or simply a website that promotes tolerance to gay people. “Gay” can stand for “full of joy, merry, light-hearted, carefree”, yet it was used to mean also “wanton, lewd, lascivious.” It comes from the Old High German word which means “pretty.” In Middle English, it used to mean “excellent person, noble lady or a gallant knight” also “something bright, like an ornament.” “GAY” is also an acronym for Gifted And Young. It’s perfect for a high-spirited, homosexual place on the web.


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