The Contemporary Cosmo Witch

During the Middle Ages the long, sharp, polished nails were considered to be a characteristic trait of witches. The wise women of olden days used were stylish and extraordinary – they were allegedly in possession of one garter and a knife with a black handle. Beauty and sensuality were a major part of their pagan beliefs. They used to perform beauty rituals under the full moon, with mirrors, rose petals, and incantations. To make themselves even more attractive, they used the powers of herbal tea magic, cha, ms and potions. In the winter they cleaned their house and blessed it – for the beauty of their home was as important as their own beauty. In their cottages, herbs were hanging from the ceiling; greenish potions were rumbling in the fireplace, magic was in the air. They celebrated ancient holidays such as Yule (the Pagan Christmas). They were the descendants of the ancient druids, who harvested mistletoe at Yule with a great ceremony, since they believed it was a holy plant with protective qualities. The modern tradition of kissing under the mistletoe probably comes from Saturnalia fertility rituals, which took place under it.

The wise women of today polish their nails regularly and kiss under the mistletoe. They are strong, feminine and independent. They are masters of the beauty craft, they know thousands of secrets how to make themselves irresistible. They moisturize their hair deeply with arghan oil. They are daring, they are inspirational and natural cosmetics is their cure for every beauty issue. They bathe in guilty fragrance, you can envy their hair colors, they are dramatically different from the women, who feel maintaining their beauty is not their cup of tea. Their skin is pink perfection, they are obsessed with looks, they have dramatic eyes and personalities. They don’t stir potions – they buy them neatly packed in little, friendly bottles. Their natural beauty concoctions are ointments tailored exactly for their skin type. They are radiant, and their eyes sparkle in a starry way. Beauty is their religion; they are addicted to the splendor and natural beauty products.

Add some magic to your beauty routine with JoyZona. Join the cult of beauty and brilliance. Explore your wise femininity by treating yourself with the natural ointments, revealing your true beauty. Change the way you feel about beauty and nature, the way you relate to your body. For radiant skin and eyes, and radiant witch’s self-esteem – JoyZona caters the magical solutions. You will stand in front of the mirror and wonder who this enticing beauty is. JoyZona is here to make sure nothing stands in your way to what you most desire – natural, effective cosmetics, the power of attraction every single day! For women who love themselves, whose life is inner sunshine, without “a cloud to spoil the view,” who know who they are – magical, miraculous creatures with splendid looks and unrivaled influence upon the male species.

The wise woman of the future knows and trusts JoyZona.

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