Christmas In Paris

Jingling bells, dancing bears, beautiful ballerinas spinning upon music boxes, times for romance, times for cuddling, times for fairies to blow some fairy dust on the tender-hearted humans, so that they might fly once again. This is Christmas in Paris.

If Paris was human, it would be two enamored ballet-dancers in flight. They would both be dressed in sparkling white, and they would fly effortlessly and with amazing precision of the movements, calling for adoration, perfectly synchronous. They would slowly follow their bodily impulses in the air looking perfection at any second until they land on their tiptoes together after a full split in the air.

If Paris was human, he would be the Kirov Ballet dancing their amazing Viennese Waltz. The dancers are looking into each other’s eyes and spilling some secrets between them. He is wearing a tuxedo and a top-hat, all in black, and she is dressed in this beautiful fairy, white dress with black ribbons and a lace cap, waving a fan like a true lady. Suddenly she is in the air with all that white lace bursting about her, and it feels like for several minutes, she has not been touching the ground.

If Paris was human, he would be dancing.

Check in a hotel in Paris, and look around for high fashion, expensive wine, and French gourmet. Actually start with a Channel hat, a drink in each café, and morning croissants. Oh, the way those Parisians make baked garlic, parmesan fries for two with a chili dip. No wonder they call them “French Fries.” Treat yourself to a cup of hot coffee, an enamored kiss, and tarte citron.

French hotels interior looks as if it has been installed directly from Versailles. If you haven’t spent a past life in Paris, you have missed a lot. Versailles is heavy and smug like most Frenchmen who tenaciously do not use their English even with tourists, still unable to forgive the English language that it was chosen for the world’s own instead of French.

Every hotel in Paris, every museum, every shop, every bridge is immersed in beauty. The Eiffel Tower, L’Arc Paris, everything is beautiful, covered with snow and dressed in Christmas lights. You can see ivy growing on the roof of Marie Antoinette’s cottage. Not everyone knows that this famous French Queen once said about the poor people in Paris: “Let them eat tarts.” You can eat tarts in the Hotels and the chef will try his best to please you. Not all of the hotels in Paris are affordable, but stay motivated for Paris at  Christmas is one good reason to become rich. It’s the country with the most expensive wines, and Hotels in Paris serve them all in safe and warm places. Paris is dancing and singing, and shining in December, in the silver storms, Parisian mademoiselles stroll gracefully, embers glow in the night fireplace, and the Parisian night is something you will never forget.


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