Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York

Christmas In New York

Golden statues shine in the streets of New York, covered with glistening white snow during the Christmas holidays. Black Cadillacs roam in a hurry, everyone heading somewhere. It feels like everybody’s pulse is beating faster in New York City. You can almost hear the bells jingle in your head. The tree branches are all covered with snow. As you enter the mystery and wonderland of Central Park, the trees greet you with the clouds of fog they have sheltered among their crowns. It feels like you are entering a ghost house full of apparitions. There are people everywhere, dressed in black as if for a black and white party,  some wearing cameras, some dating on the icy lanes and some just stepping carefully.

The snow is falling vigorously, promising a White Christmas in New York. It’s probably not so cold outside, but you are freezing simply at the sight of Central Park covered with white and gray in a scary way.


Now cuddling at the fireplace in one of the luxurious New York Hotels is something else, I presume. For Christmas is the season when you draw with your breathe on the windows, listening to carols and smelling chocolate pudding, in a warm, cozy place, protected from snow and cold, and flu. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and everybody including the staff at New York Hotels is simply cheerful and hopeful, smiling and obliging. If you are not sure it’s the happiest season of all – take your date to one of the ice-skating rinks that open in New York in the holiday season – where thousands of young and brave people create their seasonal best memories.

It’s the kingdom of decoration, ornaments and fluffy little animals, which look at you from just about every corner of the malls or the Hotels in New York. There are more lights than your eyes can perceive. One can see almost realistic statues of angels made from ice. If you want to truly feel the spirit of Christmas – the Winter Village Market will offer everything Christmasy in 125 boutiques, and besides all – it will set you in this lovely holiday mood for shopping.

No place does Christmas like New York. You should see the window shop of  Tiffany in mid-December – the store has depicted an enamored couple’s silhouette, under a mistletoe and upon the window frame there is a perfect, little gift box with a ring of a huge diamond exhibited upon it. It’s the season of jewelry and what could look better on your Beloved than a pearl or a diamond?

It’s not just the window-shop’s decorations. It’s like the whole New York is breathing the Christmas spirit, people walk in the streets in a less hectic way with rosy cheeks and icy noses, still smiling at the beauty New York is in the holiday season. It’s the best experience to spend in a warm and enchanting Christmas in New York, together with your loved ones. If sleep is not your thing and you feel Christmasy – New York is your destination.

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