Christmas In Jumeirah

Christmas in Jumeirah

Come to Jumeirah, to explore more than fifty shades of blue. It is a tale about the blue element, a touch of the ocean, a magical, miraculous place. The visitors feel like celebrating Christmas in  Jumeirah and thanking the place for wearing a blue gown. You can practically dip your toes in the ocean here. With waves and clouds always moving slowly, Jumeirah creates a feeling of tranquility. On the white sand beach next to the ocean, you say to yourself: it can’t be! The palm leaves are trembling in the soft breeze right at the ocean beach. The sky kisses the ocean. The waves gently flow over the sand. The beach is such a beauty as if a gifted painter has created his masterpiece here on this gulf.


1700 people will treat you with utmost care in Jumeriah Beach Hotel, both ebony and ivory: 68 different Nationalities cooperate together for your best convenience. Everybody makes eye contact and smiles to visitors. The hotel has been recently rewarded for “best service.”

Here the Arabians help Europeans and Americans celebrate Christmas, by indulging in all Christmas traditions, lavishly and assiduously. One can spot statues of angels and swans made only by ice. There is a figure of Santa Claus, the sweet old man with the red coat and red boots and long white beard. People celebrate with crab cocktails, spiced food, sushi, and delicious bites. There are prettily adorned Christmas trees all around.

These Asian people do know how to celebrate. The whole personnel sing: “Joy to the world, and Heaven and Angels sing…” in the lobby. As for decorations –they are an orgy of colors in the typical Arabian style. Blue lights, blue balls, silver and white snowflakes and flowers, moving figures of snowmen are everywhere. Ribbons and plush animals, dwarves, reindeer, nativity, and choirs – children are fascinated!  In Jumeirah Beach Hotel they hire Christmas choirs to sing Jingle Bells to the visitors. Where else you got the chance to hang your mistletoe on a palm?

It will be the most exclusive Christmas – Santa will park his sleigh on the beach, put on sunglasses and sunscreen, surf the waters with white beard waving in the wind, and get some sunburn. The deer will simply trot on the beach, for little guys and girls to ride and take pictures with. Snow White will marry a prince in Jumeirah Beach Hotel, wearing a sparkling blue gown. The dwarves will be smoking hookah in the bar. The nativity figures will come to life during the holy night. And all of them will get drunk on the hotel’s Christmas party.

Dubai is the destination for the whole family for the best time of the year – every self-respecting traveler will try the warm Christmas holiday at least once in their life. It is the perfect Christmas break! You will not go without getting some chocolate pudding and a cup of good cheer. It’s great to visit a rich Asian country, which respects your traditions. In Jumeirah Beach Hotel, they are ready to serve their visitors with all their power, any time of the year.

Joy to the world!

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