Christmas In Dubai

Christmas in Dubai

May the Arabs teach us how to celebrate Christmas! Dubai Hotels welcome the holiday season with joy unparalleled in the Eastern world – which explains the huge flow of visitors, who crowd to welcome Christmas in the Perfectland. Everything is decorated in a unique way: the atriums showcase Christmas Trees rising like monuments, so high, that your hat falls until your eyes reach the top. The stairs, the chairs, the chandeliers are all beautifully decorated, and there’s a big chance to meet a camel with a Santa hat at Dubai’s Christmas Festival. Christmas in Dubai is the best treat, if you can afford it.

Turkish blue balls and silver flowers, sparkling lights: this is how Hotels in Dubai dress a big, green Christmas tree. Around the tree, there are all kinds of moving toys – bowing, merry snowmen in a snow dollhouse furnished with purple garlands for a Christmasy effect. It does not snow in Dubai, they make artificial snow for their ski resorts, and Arabs would probably go nuts if they saw real snow – so they tend to use imitations of snow in all decorations. You can see Santas, dwarves, reindeer and snowmen, all glad to see you, nodding cheerfully, with heads in your direction. There are bears playing the saxophone with top-hats and socks hang practically everywhere.

Though they do not deal much with the Nativity legend, they really seem to enjoy the Christmas fairy tale of Santa, and it dominates the spirit of the holiday season. Santa as we know him today: bearded, red-suited and jolly, with cheeks like roses and nose like a cherry, comes directly from the Coca-Cola Santa ads from 1930 to 1964. Saint Nicholas who is associated with Santa comes from Asia Minor, from what is now western Turkey, so he is sort of Arabian more than American. He is a figure of the collective imagination, and nowadays we have come to imagine the generous gift giver with his little round belly that shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a ritual of pagan peoples. They adorned their houses with evergreen trees because they thought they were magical for their ability to stay alive in cold winters. Another relic from pagan times are the bells who were believed to chase evil spirits.

On Christmas Day your children will bounce out of the beds of your Dubai hotel room to see what presents Santa has brought. They will discover socks full of gourmet and sweets and beautiful boxes with toys. Then your whole family will gather in the Dubai hotel restaurant and have an extravagant feast, where you will exchange a cup of good cheer, to celebrate the prosperity of the coming year. This feasting was most popular in medieval England, where the king and his court ate outrageous quantities of food and drink to celebrate Christmas. The entire family will gather together full of warmth and the Christmas spirit and you will not go until you have some chocolate pudding and your senses are full of Christmas joys such as live music and hot turkey tasty aroma.

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