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Candles naturally take us to the world of fairies and magic. Ever since we were children, we have prayed with a candle sending our heart wishes somewhere over the rainbow. We have written letters to Santa Claus, we have wished upon a star so that anything our heart desires can come to us.

Imagine there was a fairy who picked and collected our desires as if they were motley flowers and realized them in our dreams. Your beautiful imagination stirred just brought to life our character: the fairy Candlesy – the little goddess of colorful candles.

Candlesy loves painting in people’s dreams. She can light a candle of a certain color and take you for a walk in an enchanted forest, a fairy-tale village with a water-mill, or simply hanging out with friends – any possible dream of yours, until the candle burns and you have had enough.

Candlesy has a bright complexion and she is dressed in clothes which change their colors according to her mood: blue, pink, brocade, red, green, brown, purple, magenta, gray. She lights candles of different colors which make people have motley dreams. She lives in big, sweet flowers, bathes in nectar, wakes up with colorful pollen in her hair and from all this, she feels like laughing.

What’s been Candlesy drinking? Nothing, but her candles inspire her – each one a work of art, each one with its own ritual meaning. Creating light she fought off the evil spirits and negative emotions from human’s dreams.

Candlesy’s old insolent suitor is the postman of elves. He doesn’t know how to approach her, so he resolves to put out her candles, mess with people’s dreams and spoil her magic. Candlesy hates him so much, she gives him dresses for his birthday.

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