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Discover the true spirit of JoyZona! We know, organic cosmetics is very tempting, since a well-maintained, self-confident woman is sexier than what you think. So JoyZona appeals to you girls to close your eyes and imagine what the perfection of you will look like. Then browse our products for soft, pink coral on your lips. Did you know that there exists mascara, which darkens and curls lashes without a brush? Did you know that you have ultra brows and skin, and lips – and your beauty blossoms with the application of Joyzona natural products? Did you know that you can grow old like Lauren? Did you know that you can invite a man to romance with just a glance – by using pink champagne makeup kit, or for that matter any beauty palette JoyZona is offering?

Our mission is to select and present the finest quality cosmetics for ladies of all ages and make them feel like natural women.  We are in the process of launching an empire of online cosmetic shops for natural and fine quality products. We present the world’s best cosmetics to ladies all around the globe. We will also be releasing our own brands as well – expect in near future JoyZona’s white tea, facial cream, and body lotion. We offer some 100 percent bioproducts – seriously – they are so innocent that you can have a bite!

Yes, we have the smooth, intense, everlasting lip color. We have the exquisite tone of perfect health in our powders. We cater to you nature’s greatest triumph of beautiful coloring for the perfect complexion.  What a feeling! To immerse yourself in a bubble bath smelling of pine tips, to soak your beautiful, long hair in lavender, to look in the mirror and paint your perception of beauty upon your face. What a feeling! To touch nice-smelling, cool creams and spread them with fingers on sensitive body places. To put your spell on men only by looking under your rich, perfect lashes. When you are suddenly 20 years younger and you feel like a tease.

JoyZona is a woman’s kingdom, a shopping therapy of colors, white cosmetics for radiance and luscious new scents.  We have thought with care and affection for every cell of your body. But our mission is to bring joy to your hearts – for the JoyZona experience is for women like Christmas for little girls.

About Us – Short Text

Have you noticed how after the naturally based hands cream your fingers and palms feel so good to the touch? The bubble bath and body lotion make you feel airy and splendid as if you are floating like a kite in the sky. The tender scent of roses awakes all your senses. Do you know how to tell good cosmetics? Brilliant cosmetics like a brilliant dancer is known by the touch. At JoyZona we recognize the touch.

We are here to cater these special sensations to you for your radiant beauty! JoyZona – because you love the way we touch.

About Us – Long Text

People like to tell fairy tales about their businesses. They promise miracles, and invent such beautiful, neat fabrications that the world depends on buying their products. We will not do such thing.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world!”

We believe that change comes from  little acts of thoughtfulness. Therefore we cater to you products, which are nature-friendly. Our cosmetics is safe and absolutely harmless, even if you decide to eat it. We use water-soluble ink, our products are packed in recycled cardboard, we have fathomed how to not  use glue in packing. A percentage of the sales goes for forestation, we do not wish to be praised for this, we would rather like to set an example. For we have inherited our Earth from our ancestors, but we have borrowed it from our children.

In the team several great friends have joined hands: Ivo is a happy father of three kids, and Kami is blessed with two beloved people in this world to call her “Mommy!”  Toni and Marian are two geek enthusiasts infected by the vision to care with compassion for the future world. Great trust exists in the team,  we all believe that doing business with you requires creativity, sympathy and mindfulness.  We believe in business done in the morale of new spirituality, with new hope for the world, by everybody. We honestly believe that  world is getting better with small changes. So we invite you to become a part of our dream: to care for our bodies, to care for our health, to care for our world.

If we have to describe our team with one word – it will be “enthusiastic.” The next word would be “resourceful” and the third “considerate.” Through our selection of products we demonstrate our vision, and our love for the world. Joyzona is the online cosmetics emporium,  with products based on the traditions in the herbal lore of our wise grannies,  who stirred their own potions and lotions.

Spread a little of our facial product upon your face – and yes, your skin will say “Yes!” With Joyzona – it’s a life long commitment, for when you test our products, your body will greet you and thank you in a thousand of silent ways. Every morning your beauty routine will make you feel blessed that you are a JoyZona customer.   We are going to show you how good it can feel!


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