Christmas In Paris

Jingling bells, dancing bears, beautiful ballerinas spinning upon music boxes, times for romance, times for cuddling, times for fairies to blow some fairy dust on the tender-hearted humans, so that they might fly once again. This is Christmas in Paris. If Paris […]

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How Can I Use Social Media To Promote My Business

The small businesses of today live in exciting marketing times – with most impressive communication tools – the social media sites. They are part of our lives more than ever before – being the best entertainment and information options for the contemporary […]

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10 Books Everyone Should Read

It’s a rainy day, and you are sipping hot coffee near the window. Are you ready for another adventure? Are you ready to immerse yourself in the glorious world of literary masterpieces? Those are the books, which have passed the test of […]

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About Candlesy

Candles naturally take us to the world of fairies and magic. Ever since we were children, we have prayed with a candle sending our heart wishes somewhere over the rainbow. We have written letters to Santa Claus, we have wished upon a […]

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The Sunset Candle

Right before sunset, while bathing in a sunflower, Candlesy came upon a yellow-magenta-white wish. „Do you dream of a daffodil, or the sunshine, or gold?“ – she implored the wish. It opened its petals and scented sweetly of dandelion. „The dandelion is […]

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