About Candlesy

Candles naturally take us to the world of fairies and magic. Ever since we were children, we have prayed with a candle sending our heart wishes somewhere over the rainbow. We have written letters to Santa Claus, we have wished upon a […]

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The Sunset Candle

Right before sunset, while bathing in a sunflower, Candlesy came upon a yellow-magenta-white wish. „Do you dream of a daffodil, or the sunshine, or gold?“ – she implored the wish. It opened its petals and scented sweetly of dandelion. „The dandelion is […]

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The Pink Candle

Candlesy woke up in the middle of the night worried sick. She had come upon a gray wish, around which ravens circled in flight. The gray flower told the sad story of a young woman at a birthday party. She had dolled […]

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