Domain Descriptions Pun rhymes so well with fun. A pun –synonymous with a joke – means playing with the sound of words. Puns add so much flavor even to Shakespeare’s writing. Puns can make you laugh, and think, and surprise you like in […]

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Christmas in New York

Christmas In New York Golden statues shine in the streets of New York, covered with glistening white snow during the Christmas holidays. Black Cadillacs roam in a hurry, everyone heading somewhere. It feels like everybody’s pulse is beating faster in New York […]

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Christmas In Jumeirah

Come to Jumeirah, to explore more than fifty shades of blue. It is a tale about the blue element, a touch of the ocean, a magical, miraculous place. The visitors feel like celebrating Christmas in  Jumeirah and thanking the place for wearing […]

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Christmas In Dubai

May the Arabs teach us how to celebrate Christmas! Dubai Hotels welcome the holiday season with joy unparalleled in the Eastern world – which explains the huge flow of visitors, who crowd to welcome Christmas in the Perfectland. Everything is decorated in […]

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Christmas Around the Globe

„Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold,  everything is softer and more beautiful.“ Norman Vincent Peale   Christmas is a world of best wishes. Nowadays, traveling for Christmas isn’t just about visiting Grandma. The convenience of Internet shopping makes it easier to […]

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About JoyZona

About Us – Main Text Discover the true spirit of JoyZona! We know, organic cosmetics is very tempting, since a well-maintained, self-confident woman is sexier than what you think. So JoyZona appeals to you girls to close your eyes and imagine what […]

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Your Beauty Routine

“At the core of every human being is a profound need to have value,” says Dr. Fleming. Beauty is value.  Beauty is defined “the qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind.” Beauty matters – we judge the book […]

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Green Magic, Herbal Lore and Spirituality

“Sorcery! We are all sorcerers, and live in a wonderland of marvel and beauty if we did but know it” Charles Godfrey Leland The green magic of herbs is a popular topic among spiritual folks. They have reverence for the natural world […]

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The Contemporary Cosmo Witch

During the Middle Ages the long, sharp, polished nails were considered to be a characteristic trait of witches. The wise women of olden days used were stylish and extraordinary – they were allegedly in possession of one garter and a knife with […]

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To Fix Herself Up A Little

Coco Chanel said that women should not go outside without dolling up a little – if only out of courtesy. This very day they might meet their destiny. You have to be extraordinarily beautiful for your destiny. How can you tell daily […]

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