About JoyZona

About Us – Main Text Discover the true spirit of JoyZona! We know, organic cosmetics is very tempting, since a well-maintained, self-confident woman is sexier than what you think. So JoyZona appeals to you girls to close your eyes and imagine what […]

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Your Beauty Routine

“At the core of every human being is a profound need to have value,” says Dr. Fleming. Beauty is value.  Beauty is defined “the qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind.” Beauty matters – we judge the book […]

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Green Magic, Herbal Lore and Spirituality

“Sorcery! We are all sorcerers, and live in a wonderland of marvel and beauty if we did but know it” Charles Godfrey Leland The green magic of herbs is a popular topic among spiritual folks. They have reverence for the natural world […]

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The Contemporary Cosmo Witch

During the Middle Ages the long, sharp, polished nails were considered to be a characteristic trait of witches. The wise women of olden days used were stylish and extraordinary – they were allegedly in possession of one garter and a knife with […]

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To Fix Herself Up A Little

Coco Chanel said that women should not go outside without dolling up a little – if only out of courtesy. This very day they might meet their destiny. You have to be extraordinarily beautiful for your destiny. How can you tell daily […]

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Almonds For Hair

First – you do the coffee. Next – you do the hair… The almond, also known as Badam in Hindi is an incredibly beneficial ingredient for the health and beauty of your hair. It is nutritionally dense; it has got a reasonable […]

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How Nuts Are Used In Cosmetics

Women have been using nut ingredients in their beauty routine forever. It is enough to say that some essential oils are derived from nuts. We are well aware of the healing and embellishing qualities of essential oils. Nuts provide us with the […]

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The Truth About Beauty

Is beauty only proportion, health, and color? In that case, we can promise everything – for we at JoyZona select the perfect products to maintain the appearance of a Greek Goddess. But no, all experts, all artists will say that beauty comes […]

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Of The Virtues Of Tea

It is very peculiar, this domination of our digestion over our intellect. The mind can’t work or think unless our bellies allow to. Eating dictates our emotions and passions. After bacon and eggs, it commands: “Work!” After steak and wine, it says: […]

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Too Sexy For Your Love

Women should know that in reality, they are sexy, smart and strong. Most of their limitations are the ones they have decided on. A well-maintained woman possesses enough femininity to enchant everyone from the chimney sweeper to Caesar. There are some natural […]

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