About Me

I am 37 years old, I live and work in Plovdiv, I live the life that I like, I love the things that I do. I can do them anywhere in the world, but Plovdiv has got this fairy-tale appeal. To grant myself financial independence in the future, I work on books and a blog in English. I call the blog The Lady’s Emotional Encyclopedia and it is not for minors.

Creative Writing

Everything started when a friend of mine guided me to a freelance forum, where freelancers from all around the country meet their customers. I presented myself there and immediately work proposals started hailing. Nowadays, I have huge experience in the writing of posts and great reputation in the forum. The most important is that I have this great resource at my disposal – Time.

Since I have been working as a copywriter in the past 10 years, I have become proficient in content creation – in many forms. My professional portfolio contains more than 1000 of articles for more than 80 different projects.

These days I wake up at 9 AM, I sip hot coffee and write for my customers till lunch. I have written articles for female health and beauty, jewels and mountain resorts, art, bookmakers and building materials. Even camouflage rings and horse blankets – really practically anything – thousands of unique posts on various subjects.

I love to create things, which are absolutely original. My customers describe me as a talent that is earnest and prolific, capable of creating fast, unique content. Writing is my passion, my job, and my greatest entertainment. I can’t wait to do it instead of you!


As a freelancer, I dispose of my time. This means I surprise my students all the time with fresh activities.

I work with people in an original, expressive, creative way. I have an individual approach to every student by attacking his problems exactly. I emphasize the practical exercises. I have an excellent mark on the exam Practical English, with which I graduated from the University, getting a Bachelor’s Degree in English Philology. The lessons with me are refreshing and give fast results. 

I have worked individually with people between 4 and 50 years old. I am useful for people who wish to develop their language and culture. I work without being irritated by their mistakes, with patience, attention, and enthusiasm.

I conduct my lessons via Skype – eevrikaa


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