Synopsis of The Pure Magic

True bewitchment and enamored beings inhabit the pages of Pure Magic.
This tale for adults takes place in an Enchanted Forest,
where four seasons coexist simultaneously.
The good is represented by the inhabitants of the town of Dalir,
and the evil is illustrated by the witch Amelia inhabiting the Foul End.
Both good and evil will surprise you!

In the Town of Dalir in the Enchanted Forest together with 16 powerful witches,
who one day perform a ritual to dream of the man of their life
lives Mage Raphael, the unearthly handsome Lord of the town.
Their destinies will intertwine with the destiny of a Princess,
which can free them from the curse of not being able to make love.
Princess Angelica has run away from her wedding,
because the king willed to give it to the winner of a tournament for her hand.
Kevin the Handsome, who has won the tournament, comes to Dalir
to take the princess home and attain her heart.
However, she has a mission in Dalir and does not want to hear about coming back.
All this is observed and cursed by the mean witch Amelia von Stein,
who is going to errupt from malice.

Pure Magic opens with 16 hallucinating women,
who one day performed a ritual to dream of true love.
The second part takes us to the white as cream Castle of Sago.
Despite her undeniable qualities, according to her parent King Demetrius
Princess Angelica is good for nothing.
This is the reason why she is going to escape to the Enchanted Forest, which is legendary.
There she is saved by Mage Raphael, who asks her to help his friends, the witches from Dalir.
Because of an evil sorceress and an ancient curse
none of these beautiful women can make love to a man,
and they long for it day and night.
Angelica’s heart is immediately captured by the Mage, she also meets the inhabitants of the city.
Kevin the Handsome, to whom the King has promised her hand and half the kingdom comes for what is his,
and receives from the Mage an impossible task: to walk about the whole Dalir without kissing
none of his citizens.
Dalir’s women have not seen a man in centuries.

With a lot of sense of humor, expressive finesse and fairytale situations,
this book gently grabs the reader by the hand
and leads him where he wants to be –
among crumpled sheets,
in artistic souls,
in unprecedented longings,
where Pure Magic is,
where love is.
I promise you unique fun.

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