About Me

If you are what you eat - I constantly wonder what to feast on in order to lose weight. I am strong coffee with lemonade, vegetables with broth, peanuts with mustard, pancakes with broccoli, pizza and potato soup with cheese.

If you are what you wear - I am a polka dot blue dress. My summer attires are mostly dresses, I've got them in all colors and most of them don't suit my form, but I still keep them on the hangers, for I find it hard to say goodbye to a lovely dress.

If you are what you are prone to suffer for - then I am my family, my friends and the future of the entire world.


If you are what your language reveals -  I am Scheherezade. If you are your voice and eloquence - I am Cleopatra.

In ten years I will be travelling about the world with my beloved and I will hire people to take care of my small village estate and water the rose bushes.

My Blog

I dream to start my own projects in education, relationships, awareness and emotions. I will recorde videos, organize seminars, write books, read an enormous library and become expert. I will still write, make movies, dance and paint.