I am a freelance writer, an experienced, quality, flexible, original, excellent freelance writer. Endowed with an innate interest in words and their power, I am also well educated in the field of creative writing. Writing is my passion, my job, my entertainment. My customers describe me as a talent diligent and prolific. I carry a lot of untold stories inside me.


I am an elite and exceptional visionary artist. My portfolio is refreshing. Since a very early age I am very enthusiastic about drawing and painting. My illustration style is compelling and very emotional in a positive way. 

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"Anything that is not creativity is boring."
Nikolai Berdyaev

Creative Me

I am 35 year old. 
I live and work in Plovdiv. 
I live the life I like.
I love what I do. 
I spend my money
on romance,
charity and adventures

Why Do I Write: 42 Reasons

  1. It feels good to the soul, I delight in writing, even when it’s strenuous, even if the work has an opinion of its own, and you feel powerless to navigate the narrative.
  2. I love thinking, I can spend an entire day focused on different intellectual activities.
  3. I have been writing since I was five years old. Three years old – I started reading. Nowadays, I am more of a writer than a reader.
  4. It’s like scratching yourself, and once upon a time scratching was considered such pleasure that only the royalties had the right to do it.
  5. I love to read what I have written. I love to follow people around and read to them, and plot together with them.
  6. It’s a way to travel, to love, to experience anything you would like, it can take you to another country or to the heavens of the Lords, wherever you want to be. You can also put real people in your writing and imagine stuff with them.
  7. It’s a polite way of communication.
  8. Sometimes I am moved by my own writing – to the point where I gasp when I read it aloud.
  9. I am good at this, it is penal servitude, worse than anything in difficulty, yet I am good at this.
  10. When I write I learn – I learn amazing facts and I learn how to write better, I develop myself.
  11. It’s the way I want to make a living – I feel it’s the best way I can contribute to the world.
  12. It stirs imagination like nothing else.
  13. I love myself and love spending time with myself.
  14. It’s a habit, but a benign one.
  15. It is the best entertainment in the world – better than the movies, concerts or theatre – you and the blank page – it’s a celebration.
  16. Fellow writers I get to meet are cute people, eccentric in positive ways.
  17. Writing is a ritual…of intimacy. You speak to people one person at a time.
  18. Writing is an ancient but established profession.
  19. I have been in contact with a lot of writers, and they have great souls.
  20. It’s what Pascal did, when he wanted to suffocate the pain from his illness – he wrote his thoughts.
  21. Whenever I feel like crying I can release myself through writing.
  22. You have the motivating feeling that you have created something.
  23. Books are like kids – little monsterlings, which you have to raise to greatness.
  24. I love playing role games. Usually they don’t make good literature, but they are inspiring, playful and refreshing.
  25. I want to become better at it. Every single day…
  26. It’s the best thing you can have your coffee with – no sugar, black, fresh espresso and a blank page.
  27. It makes my way different.
  28. It appeals to smart people.
  29. I have had wonderful feedback by my readers. They are enticed by my writing.
  30. Of all the things in the world – I love to struggle with words.
  31. It makes me a happy and complete person.
  32. It boosts my self-confidence.
  33. It’s a way of meditation – focusing completely and experiencing life on the inside.
  34. I am useful to some people in their businesses.
  35. “The pen is mightier than the sword.”
  36. “There is no greater agony than carrying an untold story inside you.”
  37. I love to share.
  38. It makes me feel young and free.
  39. It breeds friends for you faster than anything.
  40. It’s a challenge.
  41. It gives you the sense of accomplishment.
  42. Anything that is not creative is boring – and writing is among the most creative activities.